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  • EKN 3725 3-in-1 Glass Cutting Machine
EKN 3725 3-in-1 Glass Cutting Machine

EKN 3725 3-in-1 Glass Cutting Machine

 Description of the machine:

1). Fast movement, stable action, high precision controller.

2). The HMI is simple and elegant, easy to adjust the parameters.

3). Photoelectric positioning cutting mode, direct cutting mode, oil-free cutting mode, automatic/empty mode can be switched at any time during the processing.

4). Graphics library nesting programming, select the special shape from the library, set the relevant parameters and the quantity, it can be directly nested and cut.

5). The complete glass pressure library is stored, and the cutting pressures of various thicknesses are input and saved at one time, and can be directly used next time.

6). Real-time tracking display of processing path, timely recording of motion coordinates, axis status, I/O status, automatic recording of fault diagnosis and alarm.

7). Support a variety of processing file types, accept standard G codes of optima, Guiyou and other nesting software and DXF format files of AUTOCAD, the graphics editing software can adjust the direction of the road and delete line segments.

8). Full protections: including soft position limit, knife-down limit, external emergency stop.

Technical Parameters:

Size of Glass


Power Supply


(Can be customized)

Thickness of Glass


Installation Power

10KW (Single Set)

Cutting Speed


Accuracy of Liner Cutting


Height of Machine


Air consuption


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